4 Reasons to Take a Fall/Winter Vacation in North Myrtle Beach!

Nov 22, 2021 | Current News

When thinking about planning a fall or winter vacation, the beach usually isn’t the first destination that comes to mind for most people. But for those in the know, the beach is the perfect choice for a trip when the autumn leaves start to fall and a chill is in the air. Here are just a few of the reasons that you should consider taking an off season vacation to North Myrtle Beach!

Relax on a Wide Open Beach

Everyone knows the most frustrating part of going to the beach, and it isn’t the sand – it’s the crowds. Summer seasons bring crowds like no other to the Grand Strand, and we love that, but there’s nothing quite like a nearly empty, beautifully sprawling beach all to yourself. Gone are the days of stranger’s towels spraying you with sand or music played too loud. Not only is a wide open beach great for relaxing, but it’s also perfect for invigorating jogs along the shore or long walks in search of interesting shells. Plus, North Myrtle Beach isn’t a destination for snowbirds for no reason, as temperate climates keep the temperature fairly warm even in the Winter months. 

 Tee Off in Warmer Weather on a Less Crowded Golf Course 

Aside from our gorgeous beaches, North Myrtle Beach is known nation-wide for it’s award winning golf courses, giving it the prestigious title of the “golf capital of the world”. Conditions in the area make for perfect golfing weather all-year-round and has made the Grand Strand a go-to destination for those wanting to escape their colder climates and relax on the gorgeous greens of the South. With more than 80 different courses to choose from, everyone in your party is sure to find their new favorite course that will have them visiting again year after year to tee off once more. Plus, similar to many other activities in North Myrtle Beach, many golf courses and resorts are offering special winter deals that offer packaged pricing for less expensive getaways! 

 It’s A Great Time for Special Shows and Events 

Right after it’s beautiful beaches and incredible golf courses, the Grand Strand might be best known for its shows – especially its Holiday shows. When November rolls around here at the Beach, theatres and events turn on their Christmas lights and trim their trees in preparation for some of the greatest holiday themed shows in the country! These award winning shows can be found at The Carolina Opry, The Alabama Theatre, Motor-City Musical, and Pirates Voyage just to name a few! 

Enjoy Less Crowded Shopping, Entertainment, and Restaurants

Another seemingly time honored tradition here on the Grand Strand during the summer months is an unbelievable crowd almost everywhere you go, whether it’s when you’re out shopping, looking for a good night out, or going out to restaurants. Here you have another benefit to planning a vacation to North Myrtle Beach during the Winter or Fall seasons. You can expect to wait for nearly 3 hours at some of the more popular and populated favorite eateries here during the Summer, but during the off season you can enjoy all of your favorite restaurants without nearly as long of a wait! The same can be said for shopping, whether it’s at Barefoot Landing or the Tanger Outlets, you’re going to have a much more enjoyable time out shopping with friends when you’re able to comfortably walk around the shops and won’t have to fight anyone for that dress that you just have to have. Even the entertainment found around the area, although all of them spectacular and holiday-themed, are more likely to have availability and space compared to busier seasons. Want to explore North Myrtle Beach like a local? Then plan your next visit for the off season!